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For over 90 years Benegas has been the leading reliable supplier of propane gas in bulk and in gas bottles. We supply all kinds of bulk gas, adapted to your energy consumption. Our area managers will be happy to advise you. In addition, we have an extensive network for automotive LPG and we supply propellants throughout Europe and beyond!

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Propane gas for a range of applications

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For home users

For people using gas at home, we have a range of options for the installation of a tank. In addition to the different volumes available, it is also possible to install your tank underground! Benegas can also take care of all your other concerns. We use telemetry to signal the gas level and ensure that your tank is refilled on time. You can track everything online in the My Benegas customer portal.

For home users

Professional use

We have a wonderful track record including a wide range of uses of propane gas for businesses. Naturally, our propane gas can be used to heat your premises or halls, but there is a large range of other applications and options. We have a solution for every process and every business!

Professional use

Agricultural use

From poultry farmer to onion drier – we have the right experience! Our area managers can find inspiration from a wonderful range of best practices. We will find a suitable solution fast!

Agricultural use

Savings check

You can very easily save on energy costs by moving over from oil to propane. Propane gas is a clean energy source for the creation of cosy warmth, cooking comfort and warm water provision.

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