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Propane gas has found a regular place in livestock farming. This flexible source of energy is an example of an environmentally and effective solution for heating barns and dry heating.

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Heating for barns and poultry


Propane is an important energy source in the poultry industry. One characteristic of propane is its high caloric value, which allows for precise control. This characteristic is important for heating barns. The climate conditions in the barn must be adapted to the age/stage of calves or pigs.  Propane is easy to control and provides the ideal temperature.

Young poultry is susceptible to cold.  The heat released by heating with propane is moist. This creates a stress-free environment for poultry. The propane combustion process is so clean that the animals’ living area is not contaminated.

Telemetry system

Enjoy a relaxed, warm winter thanks to our telemetry system. Telemetry ensures thank your gas tank is always filled. The system automatically signals when your tank is almost empty. The telemetry system can be linked to automatic gas delivery, or it can send you a text message so that you can decide yourself when you order gas.

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Room to expand

The propane tank contains liquid propane gas, but it is never 100% filled. There must always be room for the gas to expand. This room, located above the liquid gas, is needed to convert the liquid gas into vapour.

The degree to which this process can continue is determined by a number of factors, including the liquid’s surface area, the remaining contents of the tank and the ambient temperature (evaporation capacity). The Benegas telemetry system keeps precise track of this for you.

Own colour

A gas tank is a pressurised vessel. Every colour has its own degree of heat absorption. The darker the colour, the more heat it absorbs in direct sunlight. The effect of this type of external heat must be kept to a minimum. The tank can withstand increasing pressure, but if pressure in the bulk tank becomes too high then protective features become effective to reduce the pressure (‘let off steam’).


Safety is our top priority. And we have been proving that for 60 years! Propane gas is a specialist product that has to be stored, transported and processed in the right way.

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Heating greenhouses

Heating greenhouses protects against frost and provides a constant temperature. Heating with propane has two by-products: CO2 and water. These by-products contribute to an ideal environment for plants, helping the crops to develop and promoting the growing process. Burning propane is clean and does not cause any damage to the growth processes.

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You can very easily save on energy costs by moving over from oil to propane. Propane gas is a clean energy source for the creation of cosy warmth, cooking comfort and warm water provision.

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