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We supply steel and composite gas bottles for recreational, professional and domestic use. For example, we supply gas for balloon rides, gas for welding, as well gas for the campsite BBQ. We have a full range of sizes and options: we have an interesting solution for every application!

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Dakdekker gas

Applications in construction

From drying concrete to heating on-site accommodation, propane has been used for years as a flexible source of energy on building sites. Propane is used to heat building sites and on-site accommodation, among other things. Propane is also the ideal fuel for drying concrete, because the rapid removal of formwork greatly increases production speed. We supply roofers with steel bottles of 10.5kg, 18.5kg and 33kg for ideal mobile energy in the right size. Propane gas is best for heating bitumen due to its high efficiency and easily adjustable temperature.


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