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Our years of experience mean that LP Autogas knows all the ins and outs surrounding the requirements and possibilities for filling station holders. We have all the necessary knowledge to advise and support them when making the right choices regarding LPG. Naturally, there are many different options, but the basic premise of LP Autogas is always a high service level. We want to improve the operating results of your filling station, and offer you the most attractive price, but safety always comes first!

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Naturally, we are always interested in expanding our LP Autogas network. There are a number of critical success factors for successful collaboration in the LPG market. These are related to issues like safety and the necessary investments for safety, but the service level that the filling station holder provides to his customers is also of utmost importance. We have many solutions and suggestions for issues like these, so do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments you have. LP Autogas looks forward to helping you with technical service and commercial support!


For consumers

Many drivers may be attracted by the idea of having their vehicle fitted with an LPG system or buying a car that already runs on LPG. In addition, more and more new cars have been developed for LPG straight from the drawing board. The investment in converting an existing car is recovered very quickly.

Using LPG is good for your wallet and it’s also a better choice for the environment. LPG has the lowest environmental impact compared to diesel and petrol because it has lower emissions according to the extensive European Emission Test Programme.

For more infomation about driving an LPG vehicle, visit the website of Stichting Autogas Nederland (Netherlands LPG foundation): SAN

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