The No. 1 lightweight gas bottle!

Since 2002, Benegas Light has been the most popular gas bottle among fans of camping, caravanning and BBQs.

Benegas Light is the definitive safe, lightweight gas bottle, suitable for many applications.

Enjoy a BBQ in the garden or on the campsite. Lengthen summer evenings with a patio heater. You can even control weeds with this bottle!

Widely available
Benegas Light is multifunctional – one bottle, many applications! After purchase, you can can exchange your empty bottle for a full at over 1000 dealers; also if you want to change to an other size. There is always a sales point nearby and our handy bottle finder helps you find a location nearby to exchange the bottle.

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Why Benegas Light?

BeneGas Light


Up to 50% lighter than steel bottles
with the same volume.
Large handles for easy liftingot
50% lichter dan stalen flessen.

BeneGas Light filling


 Thanks to its transparency,
it’s easy to see how much gas is left
in the BeneGas Light.
No unwelcome surprises
from suddenly empty bottles.

BeneGas Light connection


 There is no danger of explosion
with BeneGas Light In the case of naked flame,
the interior wall releases gas
in a controlled fashion under extreme pressure.

BeneGas Light


The durable composite material
does not corrode.
So there will be no ugly stains left on your patio,
in your caravan or on your boat.


Lichtgewicht gasfles

Outdoor culinary highlights

Chefs prefer gas to prepare their dishes. A gas barbecue is ready for use in no time and it’s also safe and user friendly. Enjoy the convenience of BeneGas Light during your holidays or when you have guests. At the Weber Grill Academy you can learn all the tricks of the trade of this culinary hobby.

Our lightweight champion is ideal for camping. Its low weight means you can even take two bottles with you. Boat owners can easily lift the lightweight bottles on board and there will be no nasty rust stains on the deck.

Benegas Light is also the ideal flexible energy supply for mobile catering vans. Not only for preparing dishes, but also for keeping food warm and for refrigeration.

Enjoy longer summer evenings

An outdoor patio heater allows you to enjoy summer evenings longer. And when the days grow short and the sun disappears earlier, a Happy Cocooning table will create a cozy, comfortable mood.

Restaurant and cafe guests enjoy a pleasant heated patio in the winter season. As a result of the smoking ban, patio heaters using propane gas are very common nowadays.

Mobile gas heaters are ideal for extra heating inside the home. A mobile gas heater is also a solution for keeping storage areas and animal pens frost-free. Visit our webshop to see the various models.

Terrashaard lichte gasfles

Benegas Light sizes

Benegas Light 5kg

Benegas Light 5 kg

€ 23,95*

Size: 30,5 cm x 39 cm
Connection: DIN (left)
Empty weight: 3,8 kg

Benegas 7.5 KG

Benegas Light 7,5 kg

 € 32,95*

Size: 30,5 cm x 47 cm
Connection: DIN (left)
Empty weight: 4,1 kg

BeneGas Light 10 kg

Benegas Light 10 kg

 € 39,95*

Sizes: 30,5 cm x 57,1 cm
Connection: DIN (left)
Emmy weight: 5,3 kg

*Recommended retail prices as of 1 April 2017. Does not include €55 deposit. Exchange your empty bottle for a full one. No need to worry about inspections; we will take care of it.

Combat weeds with heat

The use of chemicals to combat weeds is subject to increasingly strict rules in the Netherlands. So a different approach is needed. Burning weeds is an environmentally friendly solution. Now you can control the weeds in your garden with thermal weed control.

No chemicals: simply the heat from a flame. Keeps your patio clean and free of weeds. Weed burners come in different types and sizes, so we have the perfect solution for small and large surfaces.

Take a look at our range of weed burners in the webshop.

gasfles propaan
Happy cocoon

Win a Happy Cocooning table

When you register your new BeneGas Light, enter our competition to win a wonderful table from Happy Cocooning. Enter “HAPPY” in the competition code field in the registration form.

How can I win?

  • Participants must be resident in the Netherlands or Belgium.
  • The competition period lasts until 30 of September 2018.
  • The winner will be selected in October 2018.
  • The winner will be informed by e-mail.
  • If the e-mail address provided is invalid, the right to the prize will expire.
  • The prize cannot be exchanged for cash value, services, or any other goods.
  • There will be no correspondence about the results.

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